Associação Rota Vicentina

Conceived as a public structure, the Rota Vicentina intends to establish itself as a defining characteristic of the region, becoming viable via the most natural of human practices – walking – and contributing unequivocally towards to the sustainability of rural areas through the promotion of economic activity, stimulation of existing activities and services, maintenance and enhancement of local culture and traditions, encouraging new business creation and promoting the destination out of season.
The beauty of the landscape, the natural, historical and cultural heritage, tourist resources and the public nature of the paths, were the main criteria followed in the choice of the planned route, comprising of existing paths and formed by the Historical Way,the Fishermen’s Trail, and several Circular Routes, tineraries which complement each other, revealing the true essence of the Sw of Portugal.

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address: Estrada da Circunvalação
gps: 37.598831, -8.645259
phone (+351) 283 327 669
Cycling and Walking
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