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These are no ordinary bike rides. Seriously, if you’re expecting, shrink-wrapped sandwiches, souvenir shops or waiting in line to see monuments, you should probably look elsewhere.

What you will find here are experiences that build upon more than 10 years of expertise in organizing premium events, outdoor activities, bike tours and cycling vacations, all combined to offer you “Luxury on Two Wheels”.

“Luxury on Two Wheels” means what it says: Unforgettable, premium cycling experiences, where no expense is spared to offer you the most exclusive lodgings; gourmet cuisine that deliciously combines tradition with innovation; genuine points of interest; the kind of personal service only possible with small groups; and highly customized, educational cycling routes. Our Tours are not only family-friendly but family-oriented: from the choice of accessories that range from tandem bikes to baby chairs, to our selection of routes.We’re sure you’ll compare us to others. We actually hope you do, as you’ll quickly realize the differences between a “Cycling Holiday” and “Luxury on Two Wheels”.

From customer support to route planning, on-tour bike repair and gourmet picnics, everyone in our team is passionate about Portugal, Cycling, and making your stay nothing less than spectacular.

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address: Casa das Furnas, Praia das Furnas, Figueira
gps: 37.082941, -8.908976
phone (+351) 93 845 46 90 | (+351) 96 525 68 41
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