The Ecovia do Litoral, connects Vila Real de Santo António to Sagres on a journey where we can discover the magnificent places of great beauty and tranquility in the bustling Algarve, the southern coast. This route integrates the EuroVelo1, the Route of the Atlantic Coast, that runs down from the North of Scandinavia to Sagres, and is the longest of the 14 routes of EuroVelo, with some of 9,100 kilometers. The Ecovia is implemented using existing bike paths and roads of low traffic, as well as paths of clay and which lead us to the magnificent landscapes along the algarve coast.
Along the route, we will experience the most beautiful postcards of the Algarve, where we can marvel at the majestic cliffs that provide a breathtaking view of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
This is a route, mostly urban, where we can find multiple points of support, such as accommodation, restaurants and bike shops.
It is required an Redoubled attention within the localities as much by pedestrians as by transit. Keep always as far as possible on the right, while respecting the road rules.

route code type: Ecovia Litoral
Traffic Signals
Traffic Signals
Local Panel
Local Panel
number of people: N/D
difficulty: 2
distance • duration: 214km • 18h
start - end: Vila Real de Santo António - Cabo de São Vicente
altimetry: 0 - 109m
equipment: Comfortable bike whit hybrid tire, Helmet , Gloves , Shorts , Cream anti-friction , Multi-tools with chain tool, and tire levers , Air pump and oil
cycling and walking
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