Ponta da Atalaia Circuit – Fisherman Path

The section between Aljezur and Arrifana can be extended by walking along the Fishermen’s Trail. When opting for this complementary circuit you will pass by the beach of Monte Clérigo and the mythical Ponta da Atalaia. In a place marked by the strength of legends and the time of the Portuguese conquest of the Moors, this walk is a real trip back in time

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number of people: maximum 20 people
difficulty: 3
distance • duration: 14km • 5h
start - end: North access: At km 4 of the Aljezur » Arrifana section of the Historical Way, before reaching Vales (on the road that connects to Aljezur, Arrifana and Vale da Telha). - Arrifana (south): At the crossroads near the beach of Arrifana, down the road that leads to the ETAR (water treatment plant).
altimetry: 47 - 128m
equipment: Boots or tennis with soles that adhere to any floor , Comfortable socks, Backpack with cushioned shoulder straps , Warm jacket and waterproof , Hat or cap , Comfortable pants or shorts, Clothes breathable , Canteen for water , Bat or stick for hiking , Sunglasses
The path along the coast can be muddy in some places, for which reason we recommend that you wear hiking boots.
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