Route 8 – Eastern

Cyclists love this road since it is in excellent condition and offers you access to a route of medium difficulty with spectacular views. São Brás de Alportel awaits after an uphill stretch on the EN 270 that gives you two challenges: two uphill sections – Marco and Bengado – a total of approximately 2.5 km and an average incline of 5%. São Brás is the seat of a major cork-producing municipality and at the entrance to the town you head northwards, catching your breath for the tough uphill ride to Cova da Muda. The inclines here are hard going, sometimes exceeding 10%. At a height of over 500 meters, with the ocean to the south and the impressive Serra do Caldeirão mountains to the north vying to enchant you, you will get an added boost of energy for the next steep slope, as you ride through Javali towards Barranco do Velho. With your feet firmly on the pedals, you now begin your descent, passing through the village of Estoi all the way to Olhão.

route code type: No Signs
No Signs
No Signs
number of people: N/D
difficulty: 2
distance • duration: 96km • 5h
start - end: Tavira - Tavira
altimetry: 3 - 521m
equipment: Bicicleta de estrada, Capacete, Luvas, Calções, Creme anti-fricção, Multi-tools com descravador de corrente, Camera de ár/ liquido anti-furo, Oleo e bomba de ar
cycling and walking
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