Route 9 – Eastern

Aficionados of the circuit of classic tours in Central Europe will fall in love with this route, which provides countless opportunities to admire the wonderfully diverse natural scenery. The constant up-and-d own stretches in the uplands of Tavira are a reminder of the traditional springtime races, with their short, steep hills. Don’t succumb to laziness at Monte das Preguiças (preguiça in Portuguese means laziness) and prepare mind and body for the long uphill ride to Pereiro and the Balurcos plateau. Concentration is essential for the tricky downhill ride to the Odeleite dam before you reach the Beliche dam. The ride ends with a progressive downhill stretch through the invigorating scrubland known as the Mata Nacional da Conceição or Santa Rita.

route code type: No Signs
No Signs
No Signs
number of people: N/D
difficulty: 3
distance • duration: 125km • 7h
start - end: Tavira - Tavira
altimetry: 4 - 422m
equipment: Road bike, Helmet, Gloves, Shorts, Anti-friction cream, Multi-tools with chain tool, Air chamber / anti-bore liquid, Oil and air pump
cycling and walking
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