Vila Nova de Milfontes <> Almograve – Fisherman path

This is a day to purify your soul thanks to the overwhelming views over Vila Nova de Milfontes and the Mira river that meets the ocean here. It is a short and accessible hiking day so that you may enjoy the area to its fullest extent.

route code type: Rota Vicentina - Fisherman trails
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number of people: maximum 20 people
difficulty: 3
distance • duration: 15km • 5h
start - end: Vila Nova de Milfontes: At the tourist office, following the Rua Custódio Brás Pacheco towards the main road. - Almograve: At the roundabout, heading along Rua do Chafariz to the wash-houses. Further on you will find sign posts to join the path to the left.
altimetry: 0 - 53m
equipment: Boots or tennis with soles that adhere to any floor , Comfortable socks, Backpack with cushioned shoulder straps , Warm jacket and waterproof , Hat or cap , Comfortable pants or shorts, Clothes breathable , Canteen for water , Bat or stick for hiking , Sunglasses
Construction works in Milfontes!
Construction works are taking place in the centre of Vila Nova de Milfontes for an indefinite period. Follow the marks carefully and ask the locals for instructions in case you need to choose parallel streets.
Please be careful!
Between Vila Nova de Milfontes and beach of Furnas, the path initially goes along Rua Custódio Brás Pacheco. Be careful and always walk on the pavement. From the roundabout on the main road to the road bridge (500 m), and from the end of the bridge to the wooden gate that gives access to Vila Formosa (500 m), the path goes along the verge of the road. Walk with the utmost caution, as far over as possible on the right hand verge (N-S) and if walking with children be vigilant.
Remember to close the gate so that the cattle cannot get out of the property.
Be cautious with the cattle
When crossing the property between the gate and the beach of Furnas, take care with the livestock, avoid sudden movements and stay away. Although gentle they do not like strangers approaching their calves.
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