tips for
Cycling Routes

Helmet, sun glasses and solar protector;

Adequate bicycle for the route that you choose;

Light clothes appropriate to the season;

Bags to carry water and energetic food, first aid kit, flashlight, compass and mobile phone.


Consult the weather forecast;

Attention to the hunting zones, mainly in Autumn and winter on Thursday, Sunday and National Holidays;

Respect local population;

Do not ride the dunes;

Make some stops for light meals. Drink small quantities of water;

Take the trash with you;

Do not make fire.


route code type
Ecovia Litoral
  • Traffic Signals
  • Local Panel
  • Bollards
Rota Vicentina - Fisherman trails
  • Right Way
  • Wrong Way
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
No Signs
  • No Signs
Great Route
  • Right Way
  • Go Left
  • Go Right
  • Wrong Way
  • Small Route goes in Great Route
Small Route
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Right Way
  • Wrong Way
  • Short Pedestrian(PR) running, temporarily,
    by tracing of a Great Route (GR)
average temperatures
Spring Mar-Jun: 14/22ºC (57/72ºF)
Summer Jun-Sep: 20/28ºC (68/82ºF)
Autumn Sep-Dec: 16/22ºC (61/72ºF)
Winter Dec-Mar: 9/16ºC (48/61ºF)
useful contacts
Emergency: 112
Civil Protection: (+351) 214 247 100
District Delegation of the National System of Civil Protection: (+351) 289 887 510
Forest Protection: 117
Algarve Tourism Board: (+351) 289 800 400
ALGARVE TOURISM BUREAU: (+351) 289 800 403